3 Days Itinerary in Casablanca, Morocco - Travel Guide
What to do in Casablanca for 3 days?
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3 Days Itinerary in Casablanca, Morocco - Travel Guide

The best 3 days itinerary & travel guide for Casablanca

Majestic Morocco: Uncover Casablanca in 3 Days

Days Description
1 Day 1 - Dive into the Diversity of Casablanca
2 Day 2 - Explore the Modern and the Glamorous
3 Day 3 - Revel in the Architectural and Cultural Rewards


Unravel the exotic charm of Casablanca, the economic and business hub of Morocco in 3 action-packed days. This itinerary guides you through the eclectic blend of modern and traditional, helping you immerse deep into the heart of Morocco's melting pot.

Day 1 - Dive into the Diversity of Casablanca

Kick off your Casablanca journey with a visit to the majestic Hassan II Mosque, the world's third-largest mosque. Get awe-struck by its soaring minaret and marble-laid courtyards. From here, a short stroll will take you to the Old Medina, a labyrinth of shops and cafes, where you can haggle for leather goods and sip on traditional Moroccan mint tea. Following your shopping spree, pay a visit to the Museum of Moroccan Judaism, a testament to the country’s diverse history. Finally, whet your appetite by the ocean with a meal at the Ain Diab Corniche, while the sun sets over the Atlantic, painting the skies with hues of melon and grapefruit.

Day 2 - Explore the Modern and the Glamorous

Start your second day in Casablanca at the bustling Central Market. Savour the flavours of Morocco as you navigate through stalls filled with spices, fresh fruits, pastries, and more. Next, head to the Villa Des Arts, a contemporary art museum housing Moroccan and international artworks. Post-lunch, visit Morocco Mall, one of the largest shopping centers in Africa, before ending the day with a leisurely stroll at the popular La Corniche beach. Indulge in the vibrant nightlife at the restaurants and clubs while absorbing the energising sea breeze.

Day 3 - Revel in the Architectural and Cultural Rewards

Kick-off your last day in Casablanca at the Quartier Habous, showcasing the French colonial heritage intertwined with Moroccan architectural design. Remember to pick up some traditional Moroccan crafts as souvenirs. Afterwards, head over to the striking Notre Dame de Lourdes Cathedral where stunning stained glass puts on a spectacular show. For lunch, treat your taste buds to some authentic Moroccan cuisine at Rick’s café, an iconic establishment from the classic film 'Casablanca'. Finish off your day with a leisurely walk in the Arab League Park, mixing the tranquillity of nature with the buzz of the city.

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FAQs about this
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What is the best time to visit Casablanca?

Spring (April to June) and fall (September to November) are the most pleasant times to visit Casablanca when the weather is moderate.

What currency is used in Casablanca?

The currency in Casablanca, as with the rest of Morocco, is the Moroccan Dirham (MAD).

Is it safe to travel to Casablanca?

Yes, Casablanca is generally safe for tourists. However, like any other city around the world, always stay cautious, especially in crowded places.