7 Days (1 Week) Itinerary in Azerbaijan - Travel Guide
What to do in Azerbaijan for 7 days?
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7 Days (1 Week) Itinerary in Azerbaijan - Travel Guide

The best 7 days itinerary & travel guide in Azerbaijan

A Week To Remember: Discovering the Unseen in Azerbaijan - What to do in Azerbaijan for 7 days?

Days Description Overnight
1 Day 1 - Embracing History in Baku Baku
2 Day 2 - Into the Depths of Gobustan Baku
3 Day 3 - Architectural Hunt in Sheki Sheki
4 Day 4 - The Cool Breezes of Quba Quba
5 Day 5 - Qabala's Delights Qabala
6 Day 6 - Legacy of Goygol Goygol
7 Day 7 - Farewell to Azerbaijan Departure


Curious about the land where East meets West? Experience the diverse and rich culture of Azerbaijan in the heart of Eurasian continent for 7 unforgettable days.

Day 1 - Embracing History in Baku

Start off your journey straight to the heart of Azerbaijan: its capital city, Baku. Embark on a walking tour around the Old City or ‘Icheri Seher’, a UNESCO World Heritage site brimming with historic treasures. Marvel at the towering Maiden Tower and explore the royal intricacies of the Palace of the Shirvanshahs. Craving for a breathtaking view? Climb up to the top of the Flame Towers and bathe your eyes with the expanse of the city and the Caspian sea. Remember, 'don't forget your camera!'

Day 2 - Into the Depths of Gobustan

Wave good morning to a scenic drive to Gobustan National Park, a trove prehistoric cave paintings. For a dash of the modern, drop by the Gobustan Museum. From there, step into a different terrain as we trek through the blazing Mud Volcanoes. ‘Mud baths in volcanoes? Who knew!’ Fill your evening with a local flare as you retreat to Baku for a delightful cuisine experience!

Day 3 - Architectural Hunt in Sheki

Ready for an architectural safari? Hop into a drive to the Sheki town known for its glorious Ottoman-style architecture. Be awed by the glittering mosaics in the Palace of the Sheki Khans. Indulge in Sheki's mouth-watering pakhlava, a crispy pastry with ground nuts and sugar that will make you exclaim, ‘Why haven’t I tasted this before!'

Day 4 - The Cool Breezes of Quba

Awake for a refreshing retreat in the quaint city of Quba. Feel the mountainous whispers as we venture into the quiet Red Settlement. Keen for some fruit pickin'? Head to the abundant apple orchards and taste the juiciness of the variety Quba is particularly famous for.

Day 5 - Qabala's Delights

Blend relaxation and thrill in the picturesque city of Qabala. Take part in a leisurely rowboat ride around Nohur Lake, framed by dense forest and mountain vistas, it’s like a postcard come to life! Got an adventure streak? Hit the winter slopes of the Tufandag Mountain Resort even if winter sports aren't your thing. Trust me, it's unforgettable.

Day 6 - Legacy of Goygol

Journey south to the tranquil region of Goygol. Home to a sparkling lake of the same name, blessed with wildlife and crisp air, it's an ideal retreat for peace and inspiration. The hidden jewel here though, is the Göygöl National Park filled with endemic species, flora, fauna and serene trails that'll make you say - 'This can't be real but it's all too beautiful'.

Day 7 - Farewell to Azerbaijan

Before departing Azerbaijan, immerse yourself in one last exploration. Wander the streets for a final taste of local life or consider a stroll along the promenade of the Caspian Sea. As evening falls, depart to the airport with the indelible memories of the rich history, staggering landscapes and the friendly folks you've encountered.

Summary of this itinerary

This 7-day journey will leave you marvelling at the contrast between ancient treasures and modern landscapes that shape Azerbaijan. It's a week filled with memorable experiences. Majestic architecture, serene landscapes, delicious food, welcoming locals... what more can you ask for on an epic vacation? It’s truly the road less travelled. So, isn't it time to pack your bags and set off for an adventure in Azerbaijan?

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FAQs about this
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What will be the weather like?

Azerbaijan experiences a mix of climates, but in general the weather is mild with warm summers and cool winters.

What local food should I try?

You definitely have to try Plov, a local pilaf with saffron rice, and Sheki pakhlava, a sweet pastry.

What currency do they use?

The local currency in Azerbaijan is the Manat (AZN). Many places also accept credit cards.

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