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Tips to visit Taiwan

Visit the Night Markets

One of the best ways to experience the local culture and taste delicious Taiwanese food is by visiting the night markets. With their vibrant atmosphere, colorful stalls, and mouth-watering street food, the night markets in Taiwan are a must-visit. Explore the famous Shilin Night Market in Taipei or Raohe Street Night Market in Keelung, and indulge in popular dishes like stinky tofu, bubble tea, and oyster omelette.

Explore the Natural Wonders

Taiwan is known for its stunning natural landscapes and scenic beauty. From breathtaking national parks to picturesque beaches and awe-inspiring mountains, there is a lot to explore for nature enthusiasts. Take a trip to Taroko Gorge, a marble-walled canyon with crystal-clear blue waters, or visit Sun Moon Lake, the largest body of water in Taiwan surrounded by lush mountains. Hiking enthusiasts can also challenge themselves by climbing Yushan, the highest peak in Northeast Asia.

Immerse in Traditional Temples

Taiwan has a rich cultural and religious heritage, which can be witnessed in its numerous temples. These temples not only serve as places of worship but also embody the architectural and artistic beauty of the country. Visit Longshan Temple in Taipei, one of the oldest and most prominent temples in Taiwan, or explore the stunning Fo Guang Shan in Kaohsiung, known for its golden Buddha statue. Take some time to learn about the local customs and rituals observed in these temples.

Experience Hot Springs

For a relaxing and therapeutic experience, Taiwan offers a variety of hot springs scattered across the country. Whether it's the natural hot springs in Beitou, Taipei, or the popular hot spring resorts in Wulai or Jiaosi, immerse yourself in the rejuvenating waters and let go of all your stress. These hot springs are known for their healing properties and are a perfect way to unwind after a day of exploring.

Discover Taiwanese Cuisine

Taiwan is a paradise for food lovers, and trying the local cuisine should definitely be on your list. Explore the vibrant street food scene, from steaming bowls of beef noodle soup to scallion pancakes and pineapple cakes. Don't miss the iconic night market snacks like stinky tofu, oyster vermicelli, and Taipei's famous Shengjianbao. For those seeking a culinary adventure, indulge in unique dishes like Taiwanese hot pot, seafood delicacies, and the world-famous bubble tea.