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Tips to visit Antalya

Explore the historic sites

When visiting Antalya, Turkey, make sure to explore the incredible historic sites that the city has to offer. From the ancient city of Perge to the Roman-era Hadrian's Gate, there is so much history to discover. Don't miss the chance to wander through the well-preserved ruins and learn about the fascinating past of this region.

Relax on the stunning beaches

Antalya is known for its breathtaking beaches, so be sure to spend some time soaking up the sun and enjoying the clear turquoise waters. Whether you prefer crowded, lively beaches or more secluded, peaceful spots, Antalya offers a wide range of options to suit every taste. Don't forget to pack your sunscreen and beach gear for a rejuvenating beach experience.

Indulge in local cuisine

One of the best ways to experience a new destination is through its food, and Antalya is no exception. Try the mouthwatering Turkish delicacies such as kebabs, baklava, and traditional Turkish tea. Taste the flavors at local street food vendors or dine in cozy restaurants. Don't be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone and savor the diverse and delicious local cuisine.

Shop at the vibrant markets

Antalya is a shopping paradise with its vibrant markets. Explore the bustling stalls of the Old Town (Kaleiçi) and the famous Antalya Bazaar, where you can find everything from local handicrafts to clothing and spices. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere, haggle for unique souvenirs, and bring a piece of Antalya back home. Just be prepared to bargain for the best deals!

Go on outdoor adventures

If you're an outdoor enthusiast, Antalya offers plenty of exciting adventures. Take a thrilling jeep safari through the rugged Taurus Mountains, go hiking in the stunning landscapes of Saklikent Gorge, or embark on a boat tour along the picturesque coastline. The natural beauty of Antalya will leave you awe-inspired, so don't forget to bring your camera to capture these unforgettable moments.