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Tips to visit Istanbul

Explore the Historic Sites

If you're looking to immerse yourself in the rich history of Istanbul, make sure to visit the iconic Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, and the Blue Mosque. These architectural marvels are scattered throughout the city, telling stories of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Don't forget to pack comfortable shoes, as you'll need them to wander through the grand halls and courtyards!

Indulge in Turkish Cuisine

Prepare your taste buds for a culinary adventure like no other! Istanbul is a food lover's paradise. Don't miss out on trying the famous street food such as kebabs, simit, and Turkish coffee. For a more refined experience, head to traditional restaurants to savor mouthwatering dishes like meze platters, baklava dessert, and the classic doner kebab.

Experience the Bustling Bazaars

Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Istanbul's bazaars! Lose yourself in the maze-like Grand Bazaar, where you can haggle for unique souvenirs, carpets, spices, and dazzling jewelry. If you're a spice enthusiast, a visit to the Spice Bazaar is a must, offering an aromatic array of colorful spices and traditional Turkish delights. Explore these busy markets and let the sights, sounds, and aromas captivate your senses.

Take a Cruise along the Bosphorus

Embark on a scenic adventure and witness the city's majestic skyline from a different perspective. Hop on a Bosphorus cruise to enjoy breathtaking views of Istanbul's landmarks, including the Dolmabahce Palace, Galata Tower, and the Maiden's Tower. As you sail between Europe and Asia, you'll be enchanted by the beauty of the bridges connecting the two continents. It's an experience that will surely leave you in awe!

Engage with Local Culture

To truly embrace the spirit of Istanbul, connect with the friendly locals and immerse yourself in their traditions. Visit authentic Turkish tea houses, known as çay bahçesi, and share a cup of fragrant tea while engaging in lively conversation. Be open to experiencing traditional Turkish music, dance, or even testing your skills at playing backgammon with newfound friends. This will provide you with a deeper understanding of Turkish culture and create unforgettable memories.